Shared service centre

The Shared Service Centre (SSC) is our pride and a centre of knowledge, experience and quality. We see it as our competitive advantage, allowing no deviations from top-level quality standards, processing efficiencies and productivity.

We help companies to focus on achieving their strategic goals by providing them with high-quality services and taking care of direct customer service, sales, business development and relationship management.

The SSC facilitates knowledge transfer and allows us to boost operational efficiency by effectively sharing resources between countries.

What we do:

  1. Develop and implement quality assurance systems, standards and scorecards as well as ensure continuous development through constant 360 evaluations of all these processes;
  2. Introduce and manage collections and communication strategies;
  3. Ensure the best outcomes for customers within their loan application journey – quick, lean, transparent and efficient!
  4. Maintain our clients’ organisational look and feel by introducing their standards, a brand book, and messages to the market and mass media;
  5. Provide help desk support, handle back office tasks, answer questions regarding products offered by clients through different communication channels – help salespeople locally to do their job better and advise customers on the most suitable products for them;
  6. Ensure system manuals are up to date, organise and deliver system and product trainings.

We strive to ensure that every single customer receives the same high-quality service regardless of which department and country is serving them.